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For lovers of history and old stones

Our region offers you an embarrassment of riches... Fortified castles, the Maginot Line and other historic monuments, you just have to decide on the best plan of attack: on foot or by car?

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Fleckenstein Castle


Fleckenstein is an imposing Castle standing proud on a rocky outcrop 100 m long at 338 m above sea level. The Castle ruins occupy a remarkable site from which you can look down on the Valley of the...


Musée Mémorial des Combats et de la Libération en Alsace du Nord

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Musée Historique et Industriel - Reichshoffen - Musée du Fer


The Historical and Industrial Museum is focused on the history of this antique city through archaeological finds, documents, seals, several 3-D models and mock-ups... There is strong evidence of...


Maison Rurale de l'Outre-Forêt

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The Museum is located in an early 18th century farm, composed of the farmhouse and its numerous outbuildings. You will explore country life in Northern Alsace in the dwelling. An educational...

Merkwiller Pechelbronn

Musée Français du Pétrole

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The first oil-mining site in Europe! Already famous at the end of the Middle Ages for the healing properties of its oil, the area around Pechelbronn knew a significant industrial growth in the...

Niederbronn les Bains

House of archaeology of the Northern Vosges


Mainly dedicated to archaeology, this « House of Archaeology » exhibits all the finds from excavations conducted in Northern Alsace, from the prehistoric times to industrial archaeology. The...


Musée of the battle of 6 August 1870

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This museum is entirely dedicated to the battle waged on the day of 6 August 1870. Recorded in history as the "Battle of Reichshoffen", it was in truth the battle of Froeschwiller for the french army...


The Four à Chaux fortress - Maginot line

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Designed to defend the Valley of the Sauer, the fortress of the Four à Chaux was built on high ground dominating the village of Lembach. The name comes from a lime kiln that was on the site. The 3km...

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The Alsace Verte

Located in the north of Alsace in the regional Nature Park of the Northern Vosges, the Alsace Verte is an authentic territory stretched from the termal town of Niederbronn-les-Bains to the fortified city of Wissembourg, passing through the Sauer valley and the Outre-Forêt.

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